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Repeat Three-Peat!
Game 6 : 87-86
Chicago Bulls

Jordan's Last Dance Last DanceMichael Jordan, voted NBA Finals MVP for the sixth time, scored 16 of his 45 points in the fourth quarter, including the game winning jumper with 5.2 seconds left, as Chicago beat Utah 87-86 in Sunday's Game 6 of the Finals to take the series 4-2. It was the Bulls' third straight NBA Championship and sixth in eight years. The unstoppable Michael Jordan led the dysfunctional dynasty to its sixth championship in eight years with and 87-86 victory over Utah Jazz in Game Six of the NBA Finals. Jordan scored on a hard drive, made a much-anticipated crucial steal, and then sank a 20-footer with 5.2 seconds left of the game.
Last DanceThe only Bulls who have been a part of all six titles - Jordan, Scottie Pippen and coach Phil Jackson all have contracts that expire July 1st. Indicating their respectively singular desires to move on - Jordan won his sixth Finals Most Valuable Player Award, reaffirming his statusas the all around best player. The 35-year old superstar has repeatedly stated he will retire if Pippen and Jackson do not return next season; Unsung HeroPippen's backbreaking defense dominated the first four games until a back injury slowed him. Scoring eight gutty points between trips to the locker room for treatment, he picked his spots carefully. Having a long-standing feud with management, Pippen intends to test the free-agent market, where it is anticipated he may remove the unofficial title of most underpaid superstar in the league. Jackson said that after having also feuded with management, this would be his last season. After the final buzzer, he had a long embrace with Jordan. What! Didn't you see me? I'm the little guy that passed that steal and shot it Jordan's way!

"It was a long road," Jordan said. "Somehow we made it." "I was just going to try to gut it out," said Pippen, crying afterwards. "I just didn't know how much I was going to be able to give." "How sweet it is!" Jackson said. "I don't know if anyone could write a scenario like this."

"Without Scotty coming back, we never would have made it. Michael loaded us up on his shoulder and carried us home. And this was our last dance and it was a wonderful waltz."

-Phil Jackson in Chicago
at the Bull's Homecoming
2500 fans were present to welcome
the Bull's home to Chicago Tuesday
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