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To Boo's Mousy's Foyer

Welcome to our home. This is our foyer. You are welcome to go upstairs and take a peek in on me (and anyone else) ... we don't mind you being nosy. Because we are so glad you came to visit. The door on the left is to the front room and the door on the right is to the dining room. If you go upstairs you will then be able to go into the different doors of our rooms. Don't forget to take a peek at my new and cute little nursery, where I like to take my naps and play with my toys. Stop in the kitchen and tell my mum hi, too. She's cleaning right now, but always looks forward to company.
Umm, if you visit and I'm awake, I'll probably be following you around. Mum says I'm too curous for my own good. :o)

backgrounds by marie