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Winnie The Pooh


To PooH's CorneR

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Well, I sure hope you're a returning visitor and you enjoyed your last visit enough to come back. However, there have been some major changes to my site and I hope you feel for the better. To start with, when I started this site, I knew absolutely nothing! HTML?!?! What did that mean? Had me asking everyone about it. That didn't help either (grin) HYPER TEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE? INDEED!!! Boy, I'm telling ya, I went through a lot of pepsi trying to get these pages done. (teehee) This was no easy feat (the HTML, silly - it is all too easy for me to go through pepsi like crazy!) aaanyway, here I was, wondering what tables and colspan, center and fonts, TD and TR's. sheesh people. I don't know how much better my understanding and skills have improved since then (only 3 months ago!), but I really enjoyed putting the site together (and drinking the pepsi), so I hope you have fun surfing all my pages and following some of the links. There are a lot of goodies here at PooH's Corner, so bookmark our site and come visit PooH and his friends at the 100 Aker again real soon!!!

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Who are we? I'm Gabbiee and My DH is Christopher. He is a darling when he isn't griping about these pages. LOL We have 3 children. Connor is 6 yrs. old and just started 1st grade!! He is a very enthusiastic child about most everything. He has OBD (Oppositional Behavior Disorder) and he definitely puts the definition "of out of control" to the test. I love him very much. 8) Ian is 5 yrs. old and will just started kindergarten. He is in speech classes. He is the one that loves to giggle and gives you lots of snuggles. 8^) Devin (boo) is 3 yrs. old and is definitely the one that keeps me on the tips of my toes. I never know where he is and what he's into. He loves being outdoors and I think he will be a professional swimmer when he grows up. 8o)~ He loves the bathtub and I am constantly pulling his face out of the water. But he just laughs in my face. (groan)
PooH has always been one of my childhood favorites, next to scooby doo :o) and to this day I cherish A.A.Milne's Stories. I often read these same stories to my own children and find myself caught up in the magic of the expeditions through the fantastic 100 Aker Wood. To imagine living in that world of mysterious wonder is what one might always dream of. To be taken to the unexpected. To always know it will be all right in the end, because of a few very special people you call your friends. These same friends have become our friends throughout time and they have woven around us their own magic spell. It is the spell of wonder, of the unknown, of the dream to be a free spirit while at the same time being very real and very alive. Being given the honor of knowing PooH and the friends in the Wood has come to mean something very special to me and I will never let that go.
I do hope you are a friend of PooH's and that you, too, have been given this special feeling of love and friendship that will last you and yours a lifetime.
Best Wishes and Sweet Dreams from PooH's CorneR!! Dreambook Scrub The Web Search Engine
Made with Love I Seek You !!!

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POOH images are based on the original works of A. A. Milne and Ernest H. Shepard, therefore copyrighted respectively. These pages are put up as an expression of the author's fondness for that snuggly, huggable and lovable gang of that mysterious 100 Aker Wood and not meant for commercial gain.If any copyright laws were violated it was unintentional.

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