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Little Rascals

Cornelius Adopt your cyber pet today!
Adopt your cyber pet today!



Adopt a balloon like Tootsi today!adopt a balloon like Eddie today!
Tootsi and Eddie

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Meet my CyberPet Lysithes

Charla, Roxy, and Snowy are beautiful, mythical creatures of fantasy and imagination. They are meek, playful beings and curious individuals by nature.
They spend most of their day resting and they emerge from their den to frolic in the cool dampness of the night.
They do make exceptions to their napping to play with me when I visit them.
Charla loves honey and makes a mess of it if you don't watch her carefully. She can't help herself.
Roxy's favorite nibbles are mushrooms and she gets upset tummies constantly, so I am constantly hiding them from her.
Snowy munches on fig leaves and roots and is constantly digging at the ground to find more.
They all have quite the sweet tooth on them and they love to nibble on twigs and mulch during the winter.

Adopt your lysithe

Adopt a lysithe for your CyberPet

Visit my CyberPet Senoch, Chaileen's, page
She is so cute !!!

Adopt a net nerd for your homepage cyberpet from megsplace.
Just click on Sammi and he'll show you the way
to megsplace.

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