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Little Rascals



Adopt your own limited edition Purp Today!

Adopt your own limited edition Purp today!

Mommy Purp,baby Cory, and the twins, Bibi and Tami, live in their home here. They love to play and roll around all day long. They're sweet as can be and they love to play with their friends, the hedgehogs, Tristen~Katy~Pami. They also love to carry their friend, Rocky around and play with him. They visit their grandma and grandpa, and all their friends in the Purps' village every day.The road to the Purps' village is under some heavy construction right now, but soon you will be able to go to the Purps' village and meet their other family members and friends.
Don't forget to visit Billy Bear and adopt your own purp, hedgehog, or Rocky. You can adopt other critters from Billy Bear, too. Or just go and play with Billy Bear and his friends. Just click on one of the image links.

Pami, Katy, and Tristen are constantly fooling around. Pami is 1/4 months old and her favorite food is popcorn. Katy is 2 months old and her favorite food is blueberries. Tristen is 1 1/2 months old and his favorite food is apples. They love to play and stay busy. They never stay in one place and you never know what they're doing or what they're gonna do next. And if I can't find them, I hop over to the Purps' village or go to the play room where the hedgehogs love to get their exercise through all their tunnels. They love to play, so hop on over to the play room and see if anyone's playing right now. Just click on one of the running hedgehogs or on the linked playroom word. Have fun watching my hedgehogs playing.
You can adopt your own hedgehog at Billy Bear's and take them home with you. Be a sweetie and don't steal mine.

My Name Is Dino

Hi. I was hatched from a mysterious egg. My name is Dino and and I'm a real snuggley guy. I like to play with my friend, Peace.

My Name Is Peace

Hello. I was also hatched from a mysterious egg.My name is Peace and I'm a real peaceable kinda saur. I like to play with my friend, Dino.
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