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Adopt your Limited Edition Pixie today!! Tanner
Adopt your Limited Edition Pixie today!!

awakeningRosa and Tanner are Pixies that work their magic on the wonderful people that come to visit our site. They make sure everyone has a pleasant visit. They are anxiously waiting for some of their other pixie and faerie friends to come and stay with them in their new home. We do hope you'll come back real soon and see who else has moved in with Rosa and Tanner.

Look! We have 2 new friends. Alina and Falyn have come to visit us! We are thrilled to have them join our family of fae!

Halloween 98 Pixie ...Falyn...
Easter 99 Pixie ...Alina...

And this is Aisha! Isn't she good at her magic tricks? I love to sit and watch her entertain the other wee fae folk.

Butterfly Sorceress ...Aisha...

Guardian Angel of The Faeries!

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