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Gabbiee's ~**~ Corner
for the hopelessly romantic

Without warning
as a whirlwind
swoops on an oak
Love shakes my heart

Ok peeps! Gabbiee's Corner has had a total makeover, if you haven't noticed by now. =O)~ I just wasn't happy with the other look it had; besides that was one of those looks where you can really tell that the page was done by a newbie to web design. ta da!! Yours truly. However, I feel I'm beginning to get the hang of it, and I hope you find some interesting links in my 'lil Corner. I promise I will have more links and other info. up soon. In the meantime, enjoy what's here & tata for now.
~**~Some of my favorite links~**~

a love affair of the heart

Check out my Titanic Page
The Most Romantic Movie of all time !!!

A hug warms the soul
places a smile in the heart.
Author Unknown

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