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Zach's Living Room

My mum always tries to keep our house looking pretty.
Now, my favorite place in this room is right in front of the tv. I love Mickey Mouse and so does my grandpa. He has a huge collection of Mickey stuffs and I want it all. He won't give it to me, so I have to watch Mickey on tv, instead. But mum gets me some Mickey toys of my own to play with and I hope she can find me a Mickey doll real soon. I pray all the time for one.
Mum and Papa are even thinking of buying another house (bigger) and using this one as a summer home. She has to talk to the people she bought the house from and get some advice. We will let you know if we move. But only if you come visit me again. *smile*

uh...oh, i forgot to pick up my toys. Maybe mum won't notice.
You can to the foyer so you can go upstairs if you want. Have a nice visit.

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